The Psychological Benefits of Journal WritingWriting daily in a journal is a proven method to bring awareness to the inner workings of our psyche. In our groups, we recommend clients get in the regular habit of writing three pages every day. This daily practice deepens and further process what is brought into consciousness in therapy sessions.A wonderful book on the benefits of creative writing is The Artist's Way, by Julia Here is a study on the benefits of journal writing from Southern Methodist UniversityIn a variation on Pennebaker's writing paradigm, a sample of 81 undergraduates wrote about one of four topics for 20 minutes each day for 4 consecutive days. Participants were randomly assigned to write about their most traumatic life event, their best possible future self, both of these topics, or a nonemotional control topic. Mood was measured before and after writing and health center data for illness were obtained with participant consent. Three weeks later, measures of subjective well-being were obtained. Writing about life goals was significantly less upsetting than writing about trauma and was associated with a significant increase in subjective well-being. Five months after writing, a significant interaction emerged such that writing about trauma, one's best possible self, or both were associated with decreased illness compared with controls. Results indicate that writing about self-regulatory topics can be associated with the same health benefits as writing about trauma. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 7, 798-807 (2001)DOI: 10.1177/0146167201277003


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Outpatient Mental Health, Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse Services for individuals, couples, adolescents, children and families.  Many fees are covered by insurance, Medicaid or other payors. There is a sliding fee scale for the uninsured.

Sandy Counseling is dedicated to the families of our community
and the future of our Society.


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SCC is a community partner - member of the Salt Lake County Behavioral Health Substance Abuse Provider Network, the Utah Domestic Violence Council, the Salt Lake Area Domestic Violence Coalition, Sexual Abuse Network, as well as National Professional Organizations,

Sandy Counseling is licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services
Salt Lake County Behavioral Health Services Network Provider
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Your Future- Your Choice

If you knew that you would live to be 100 years old how would you change your life? This is an important question because if the experts are right it's likely you will live to 100 years and beyond! A recent Discover magazine article on human longevity speculated that the human body could last 150 years. the current statistic's on aging show that centenarians are the fastest growing segment of the population and in the U.S. alone it's estimated that by the year 2050 there will be 4.2 million people over the age of 100.  Most of today's centurioins didn't expect to live to be 100. In fact today's centurions only had a life expectancy of 50 years when they were born.

This centurion generation, what Tom Brokaw refers to as the "greatest generation" in his book by the same title, are the people that built this country. They lived through the development of the automobile, the airplane, the great depression, World War I and World War II and they are outliving their life expectancy by 30, 40, even 50 years. These people didn't know they would live this long, they didn't know how to take care of themselves to ensure they had an active, helathy quality life for 100 years plus. It is ironic how this "greatest generation" that taught us the value of democracy and freedom are now teaching us lessons on aging. Sadly many of these hero's are becoming members of the nursing home generation. They are suffering the consequence of living their life as a 50 year sprint instead of living and preparing for a 100 year marathon.

What Will life be like when you reach 100? Remember none of thse people thought they would be 100 either. Think about this, if you are 40  years old right now, then you have 60 more years before you reach 100, do you think the life choices you make today will impact your life in the future?

We are getting the advanced notice that our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents never recieved; the question is what will you do with this information? It is time to take the responsiblity and action now to ensure a life without physical, emotional and relational limits. Change your future by changing your choices now.

The adult domestic violence program research measured a 6% recidvisim rate which is one of the lowest rates in the state of Utah

The agency is sponsored by Salt Lake County Behaviroal Health to provide Substance Abuse and dual diagnosis treatment. The agency is also enrolled with Medicaid of Utah to provide Substance Abuse and dual diagnosis treatment.

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